Mark's Spreadsheet

Helping Canadians with their retirement projections.

RRSP? TFSA? Non-Registered? CPP/QPP? OAS?

When should I take CPP/QPP? OAS? 

How should I draw down my accounts to preserve my estate?

What will my taxes look like in retirement?

Can I retire early?

How much is enough?

Designed for Canadians who like to be hands-on with their finances, these are just a few of the questions Mark's Spreadsheet helps answer. Based on user input, the spreadsheet projects income, expenses, taxes, account balances and estate values for a single person or couple for the next 50 years.

Built-in optimizers help determine when to take CPP or QPP and OAS, how to draw down investment accounts, manage your tax burden and preserve your estate.

Mark's Spreadsheet optimizing a retirement projection

Track your expenses in retirement and see where the cash comes from to pay expenses. Excess cash is moved between accounts to reduce taxes and maximize your estate.

Account balances are tracked and an emergency fund is kept in a savings account.

Track your net worth and see the impact of taxes on your estate.