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Mark's spreadsheet is one of the best Canadian retirement planner for any DIY investor. It is very comprehensive but very easy to use with different scenarios and assumptions. It shows the order of withdrawal between different accounts such as RRSP, TFSA, or non-registered and takes into account provincial tax rates based on where you reside. Love the macros to run various scenarios. I currently have a spreadsheet that took me a long time to build but it is nowhere as sophisticated as Mark's spreadsheet. Thank you Mark for sharing!!!

- Kevin

This is excellent…thank you very much for this!


Mark, LOVE the enhancements, the changes to the website and the YouTube video.  I watched the first 9 min of the video and you did a great job; it helped me understand (at a high level) the various elements of the spreadsheet.  Can't wait to watch the rest of the video and start using the spreadsheet.  Thanks for all your efforts on this.


Wow! I just setup my data in this spreadsheet for the first time!  What an amazing tool!  Thanks!


Hi! I just heard about your spreadsheet from a friend of mine, and wow it's really stunning!