Once you have entered your data on the Data Entry Worksheet, the fun begins on the Dashboard. Some numbers on the Dashboard may appear very large, particularly numbers that are projected into the future. Due to the compounding effect of inflation, it takes more money to purchase the same goods in the future compared to today. For example at 3% annual inflation in 50 years it will take $4.38 to buy the same amount that $1.00 buys today. Inflation risk is something that retirees must plan for, especially those that retire early.

Mark's Spreadsheet has been designed for a screen with minimum 1920 x 800 resolution. It will work on smaller screens but the minimum screen size is required to see the full effect of the charts updating in real time as you update your plan.

Dashboard Overview

The sections of the Dashboard are shown below.

Here are descriptions of each section. It is recommended to read them in the following order.